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Based on many years of concert and business experience, we advise both individual musicians and concert organizers - hotels, cities or regions - in and outside of Germany with the aim of jointly creating building blocks for sustainable career development and concert operations. Artist consulting - from musician to musician.

We are a team with an ethnically and biographically mixed background and can also advise on a wide range of issues, starting with questions such as career development, self-management, concert organization, establishing contacts, advantages and disadvantages of various forms of agencies, labels, self-marketing, streaming & record productions, music videos, as well as artist photos & websites.


Our goal is not only to provide meaningful advice, but also to create and, above all, exploit possibilities, opportunities and projects to create a media presence. With SLS Audio Productions, professional photos, videos or recording material can be created in-house, following the consultation - for example for music videos, artist trailers, interviews, CDs, websites, etc. This makes all-round support possible.


We look forward to forward-looking discussions and exciting projects.


our experience in the concert industry

+ 1,000 Concerts aquired
+ 240 Concerts programmed
+ 120 Mediaproductions produced
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biographic background


Haiou Zhang is one of the most successful pianists of his generation. The pianist from China has been filling concert halls and enthusiastic critics with his CD recordings not only in Germany but also worldwide for more than 15 years.

In Germany and abroad, Zhang is music director and initiator of a wide variety of concert series and runs his own music festival in Buxtehude as well as an exclusive concert series in the Öschberghof.

Sören Lukas Schirmer is one of the most diverse artists of his generation - his compositions are shown in film festivals around the world, his photographs show artists such as Anne-Sophie Mutter, Ray Chen, Daniel Hope, Jan Lisiecki and many more.

He produces recordings, music videos and Spotify releases at a high level with his independent production studio SLS Audio Productions; incidentally, he regularly gives concerts as a cellist.

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Unser Rundum Sorglos Paket

Find out more about an excellent compilation of our skills and competencies that can help you or your festival move forward.


Thanks to the Bechstein Centrum Hamburg we have the opportunity to come back to high-quality instruments in a recently modernized location for recordings, videos or pictures.


The SLS Audio Productions project, founded by Sören L. Schirmer, implements high-quality and authentic productions for artists and festivals. Starting with photos (concert, studio, CD covers) through to recordings and videos such as interviews, music films and more.


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To a positive cooperation.


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